Lat: 54 22 72’N          Long: 05 32 85’W

100 meters south of the ferry slipway in Portaferry

Charts: 2156 Strangford Lough and 2159 Strangford Narrows

Tides: HW +02 00 hrs Dover and + 01 52 Belfast. Cick here to check the tides

General information:  There is a strong tidal flow in the narrows (up to 8 knots during spring tides). The Marina is entered from the South and skippers should be aware of the speed and direction of the tide when making their approach. Berthing is not permitted along the outer side of the breakwater. The Marina can accommodate up to 50 boats, however the ‘nose to tail’ berths can only accommodate boats less than 6 meters in length and many of these are let seasonally to local boat owners. Approximately 12 ‘finger’ berths are reserved purely for visitor use and most of these are serviced (i.e. have electricity supply).  There is a toilet cubicle located near the security barriers.

About Portaferry: Blaney's Newsagents is located directly across from the marina selling delicious ice-cream, confectionery and newspapersThe Square is just a 2 minute walk up Ferry Street – here you will find local amenities including supermarkets, a post office, butchers, green grocers, ATMs, bakery, gift shops etc. The Health Centre and Pharmacy are located in High Street.

Marina Office: Tel: 07703 20 9780